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Your Guide to Student Apartments near Purdue University

Feb 7, 2010

Where Should Engineering Students Live At Purdue?


Seeing that most of the engineering buildings are at the North end of campus, it is to no surprise that many engineering students choose to live just there. There are many on-campus apartments located between Northwestern Avenue and North Salisbury Street that would be very adequate for any student.

The benefits of renting close to engineering buildings are many and include:

  • Classes are a very short walk away – you can practically roll out of bed and walk to class! Living close to where your classes are is even better in the winter when it is cold!
  • If you have group meetings, once again, it will be very nice to be close to libraries and classrooms where you will be meeting.
  • You will be in the middle of social life at Purdue! All of the campus activities will be just a few steps away from your front door. Enjoy being located close to Mackey Arena, Ross-Ade Stadium and all the other sports facilities!
  • Enjoy being near gift shops, restaurants, apparel stores, coffee shops, etc.
  • Parking??? Living so close to where your classes are is amazing because you do not have to worry about finding a parking spot!

If you are someone who enjoys peace and love comfort, there are many off-campus locations that will suit your needs.

Many off-campus apartments offer a variety of amenities that on-campus apartments don’t offer such as: washer and dryer, on-site pools, clubhouse, pet-friendly apartments, and much more.

Many engineering students have found Ananda Apartments to be a convenient place to live near Purdue. To view a detailed list of on-campus and off-campus apartments available for rent near Purdue University visit purdueguru.com.