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Your Guide to Student Apartments near Purdue University

Oct 30, 2009

Make Your Apartment Feel Warm and Spacious


Decorating your apartment or studio can be challenging. Many times, there isn’t enough space to decorate properly. Well we are here to help!

Try these suggestions:

  • Furnishings – when selecting furniture, choose smaller pieces that have an open design.
  • Traffic flow – when arranging your furniture, be aware of traffic flow. Traffic flow should be uninterrupted through the room.
  • Accessories and patterns – in small spaces be careful not to overuse accessories. Many times less is more if you want to create an open feeling.
  • Color – when choosing color schemes select soft and monochromatic colors. Be sure to keep your ceiling lighter than the rest of the room.
  • Lighting – use soft, even lighting. Shadows tend to make a room look smaller.

It is good to keep your apartment simple and clean. If you don’t need something, get rid of it!