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Your Guide to Student Apartments near Purdue University

Aug 1, 2011

Rental Apartments near Purdue University

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Students nearby Purdue University – Their Living

There are about 40,000 students in Purdue University and more than 60% of students live off campus. Every student requires a peaceful and clean environment for their living place. Purdue University area is a perfect destination not only for pursuing a degree, but for finding great rental housing. The Purdue University (West Lafayette area) has lots of off campus apartments to choose from and purdueguru.com offers an easy way for students to search and find the exact apartment of their choice.

What info I will get on purdueguru website?

If you are planning to rent out a property nearby Purdue University, you will need to set your priorities-preferences according to the type of property you are looking for. Here you can decide personal likes and dislikes, quality and cost. In addition sometimes the Property Managers who list with purdueguru have special offers for the students who are looking for the rental apartments nearby Purdue University.

Why purdueguru.com?

We have developed the purdueguru.com according to the quick and custom apartment search for the students. Students can customize their search about the apartments like rents, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, availability etc. Students can save their search for the future and they can add apartments to their favorites also.

Quick and easy navigation search of purdueguru.com makes it better than the other websites. Only by a few clicks, students can search for apartments and even they can easily see the location of the rental apartment on a Google Map. On many apartments, you will be able to see 3D floor plans of the apartments in the image gallery section. Many of these 3D floor plans were created by our partner www.2d3dFloorPlans.com. The property managers keep their apartments safe and well cleaned for healthy living. You can find these Purdue rental apartments both walking distance and driving distance from Purdue Campus.

Help Desk: Call to Property Managers, Talk to them directly.

Finding a suitable apartment near by Purdue University is not always easy, especially for students who do not know about the locality. So if you need a consultation then you can simply contact a Property Manager listed on purdueguru. The Property Manager will be glad to reply as soon as possible.

Socialization: Get connected with Facebook/Twitter

You can get connected with us on our Social-media pages. You will be able to look over the latest offers/updates about the apartments on our social-media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Most important; you can get logged on the purdueguru.com by your Facebook ID also.

Get Started by Searching Apartments near Purdue University Campus >


Apr 6, 2011

Renting your Purdue Apartment?

Category: Apartment Search

Have apartments that are vacant or not leased for next Purdue University school year? A great hub, for Purdue University students to search for their apartments is purdueguru.com. More and more Purdue students are using this website to search for apartments near the University. Why not list?

Hundreds of Renters Per Day! Thousands Per Month!

The graph below shows the actual renter traffic for a 1 month period.

Over 1,500 Listings!

Why all the traffic? Well, purdueguru.com has over 1,500 different floorplans to choose from. All these rental apartments are near Purdue University. These rental units are located in over 700 different property locations close to Purdue University campus in the Greater West Lafayette region. For the Purdue student it is the ‘One Stop Apartment Shop’…

How will the Purdue Students find you?

Our free (that’s right, no charge!) listing service will begin to send students to your door helping you to rent your apartments. Follow our simple online instructions. We’ll give you a Login and Password and then you can list your Purdue area apartments for free. Create a Property Manager login>>.

How to Highlight Properties and Increase Rentals?

Property managers who want more visibility to student renters, and desire to rent specific properties, purdueguru.com offers you the ability for your listing to show on the top. Students will then search for apartments on purdueguru and find your apartment first! You have two options for promoting your Listings:

#1. Sponsor your Listings for as little as $3 per day!


  • Displayed on the Top of search results.
  • Sponsored Listings are displayed first.
  • Your Listing is advertised on other property listings under a section called “Other Apartments that may interest you”.
  • Property Manager’s Website URL and Phone Number will be displayed like this:

Click here to Sponsor your Listings>>

#2. Feature your Listings for as little as $20 per day!


  • Displayed on pre-loader when search is made.
  • Shows the featured advertisement of the listing.
  • Shows the Website URL of your site like this:

Click here to Feature your Listings>>

So, what are you waiting for? Go to purdueguru.com and create your account and start listing your properties right away. See how it works and benefits your business then consider a Sponsored or Featured listing.


Jan 4, 2010

West Lafayette Property Managers…What Is The Best Way To Advertise Your Rental Properties for Purdue Students?

Category: Apartment Search

The Internet!!

  • Internet shortens the search for potential renters. It saves a lot of time and energy and is often more cost effective than the traditional ways of marketing.
  • It takes less time to go through. Potential renters can view double the amount of apartments, townhomes, houses, etc. over the internet and have the ability to narrow down their search to the desired ones. Take advantage of the internet and add your properties on purdueguru.com for free!
  • Internet renters make better clients. A general trend in online marketing reveals that these internet users are wealthier and ready to pay a good rental price.
  • The Internet is being used more a more by all generations; especially the younger generations.
  • The internet is the #1 tool that students use to make their living decisions!

So…..if you are a property owner or manager in the Lafayette/West Lafayette region and have not explored the benefits of online advertising, then you’re losing a vast base of potential clients.

Advertising your properties on purdueguru.com is an easy, cost effective way to steer more renters to your properties!


Dec 1, 2009

5 Things to Know Before Renting

Category: Apartment Search

1. Budget

Before touring apartments, find out how much you are willing to pay. Focus your search according to your budget. If you find an apartment that is outside your budget, make sure it is worth spending the extra money.

2. Where to search?

The most convenient way to search is to use the internet. You will have instant access to hundreds of properties, be able to compare them to each other, and view pictures of the property. This is the #1 way students find their apartment/house to live in. Many have found www.purdueguru.com to be a powerful tool that can guide you in your apartment search.

3. What to search for?

Take a piece of paper and write down the requirements you have. Do you want to live on campus or off campus? Do you need a washer and dryer? How important is parking to you? What other amenities/utilities do you need? Questions like this are good to ask yourself.

4. Inspect the apartment

Some good things to check for are:

  • Sink faucets, shower heads and water – make sure both hot and cold work, pressure is decent, and toilets flush properly and there are no leaking pipes
  • Electricity and appliances should all be working. Make sure lights are all operational. Check heater and air conditioner to make sure they are working properly.
  • Walls and Windows – make sure windows work properly
  • Noise – Once inside the apartment, listen and see if you can hear noises from adjoining apartments, traffic, or other neighbors.

5. Find out what’s included

Before signing make sure you know what is included in the rent. Heat? Water? Electricity? If you are paying for utilities, make sure to ask the landlord what the average utility costs are.